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  • Audiofile Releases Loop Editor 2 for Mac

    16 Sep 2014 | 11:51 am
    Audiofile in Minneapolis announces the availability of Loop Editor 2 on the Mac App Store, on sale for a limited time for $29.99 (regular price is $49.99). Loop Editor 2 is intended as a replacement for the now discontinued Apple Loops Utility and offers support for all loop types, beat detection, ACID files, and more.
  • What Is, And Is Not, High-Resolution Audio

    Enjoy The
    16 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    John Siau of Benchmark Media Systems pens a great new article titled 'What Is, And Is Not, High-Resolution Audio.
  • Bill Bruford: A Retrospective

    Karl Sigman
    9 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Photo credit Re-listening to the track ‘Roundabout’ from the progressive rock album ‘Fragile’ by Yes (1971) recently, I once again became fascinated by the unusual sound, the precision and odd syncopation of drummer Bill Bruford’s high-pitched snare drum, and reminded myself that Bruford is one of my favorite ‘rock’ drummers; a drummers’ drummer, if I might say? This is the same guy who 32 years later played drums on the exceptional live 2003 acoustic jazz album ‘Random Acts of Happiness’ by ‘Bill Bruford’s Earthworks’, which has been one of my favorite reference…
  • Research and Markets: Global Smartphone Audio Codecs Market 2014-2018: Leading vendors are Cirrus Logic ...

    AUDIO SOUND - Yahoo News Search Results
    18 Sep 2014 | 10:02 am
    Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Smartphone Audio Codecs Market 2014-2018" repor
  • Experience Sound & Speed At ‘The Sound of Porsche’ Pop-Up Shop w/ Bose In Manhattan | First Look

    AUDIO SOUND - Bing News
    18 Sep 2014 | 6:15 am
    The Sound Lab Virtual Drive Experience powered by Bose features the iconic Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe, while Media Stations through the experience center introduce guests to a custom record / playlist created by Porsche. Audio and Visual interaction ...
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  • 2014 Recommended Components Fall Edition

    Jon Iverson
    18 Sep 2014 | 12:56 pm
    Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes. Whether a component is listed in Class A or Class E, we highly recommend its purchase. Each listing—in alphabetical order within classes—is followed by a brief description of the product's sonic characteristics and a code indicating the Stereophile Volume and Issue in which that product's report appeared. Thus the May 2014 issue is indicated as "Vol.37 No.5." Some products listed have not yet been reported on; these are marked…
  • Mark Levinson HQD loudspeaker system

    Jon Iverson
    17 Sep 2014 | 9:06 am
    The name "Mark Levinson" has for some years been equated with absolute, no-compromise perfectionism in audio design. Mark Levinson's equipment is highly esteemed by many audiophiles and audio-oriented musicians (most musicians just don't care about reproduced sound), and he has produced some of the best recordings that have ever been made. Each side of his HQD loudspeaker system comprises a pair of Quad electrostatic speakers, one pair mounted upside-down below the other in a wooden frame with the extreme highs reproduced by a central Kelly ribbon unit. two separate cabinets feature Hartley…
  • Sutherland Engineering Insight phono preamplifier

    Jon Iverson
    17 Sep 2014 | 9:01 am
    Veteran phono-preamplifier designer Ron Sutherland has been partial, of late, to battery power. Getting off the grid can produce superb results, as demonstrated by his Hubble phono preamp ($3800), powered by 16 alkaline batteries. I favorably reviewed the Hubble in the February 2010 issue, and remember loving most everything about it—particularly its drop-dead-quiet backdrops, its solid, weighty bottom end, and its fully fleshed-out instrumental textures. I was less enthused by its somewhat soft, muted high-frequency transients, though of course tastes and associated gear will differ. I…
  • SME Series V tonearm

    Jon Iverson
    12 Sep 2014 | 2:05 pm
    Once upon a time, SME made "the best tonearm in the world." That claim may have been justifiable through the 1960s and early '70s, but then something happened—SME failed to keep pace with their competition in coping with the increasing popularity of low- to medium-compliance, highish-mass, moving-coil cartridges. I had just about written SME off as a serious high-end company when, at the 1984 Summer CES, I saw the first prototype of the Series V. It wasn't being played, there was no way to tell how it sounded, but it certainly looked the business. Delays due, among other things, to…
  • Acoustat Spectra 1100 loudspeaker

    Jon Iverson
    12 Sep 2014 | 1:54 pm
    Acoustat Model Twos have been my reference loudspeakers for almost five years. I remember, on first hearing them in a high-end store in Illinois, how they let the music through in a way new and important to me. I knew I must own them! They seemed, despite their imposing appearance, to step aside when the music came on. The effect was akin to having a door opened onto the performance. One became privy to intimate details captured in recordings which are rarely heard outside the concert hall. Not veils, but flannel sheets were lifted from the sound! If one fussed around enough with placement,…
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    Computer Audiophile

  • Тут Приказ мо рф о военной форме одежды

    18 Sep 2014 | 11:36 am
    Найти инструкция пенициллина драйвер для клавиатуры ноутбуков samsung заявление о непосещении школы…
  • Aurender app issues with iOS 8 ?

    18 Sep 2014 | 11:29 am
    I own an Aurender X100S, outstanding device and I'm very happy with it, but since I installed iOS 8 on my ipad last night I can't connect to my Aurender anymore when using the app. Receive two error messages " Error when connecting to Aurender" and a few seconds later " Aurender is not on the same network". Actually, the ipad works fine with all web based services and I can browse the web via my ipad (so it is stil on the same network segment), I even can connect to my Aurender HDD from my Macbook Pro and see all folders and files on the Aurender HDD, I just can not…
  • any users reviews of Uptone Power Supply and mac kit?

    18 Sep 2014 | 8:52 am
    Hello, I'm about to hop on board and order Alex's Power supply and mac connection kit...would welcome any current user's comments or advice. Was the kit easy to install? Sound is good? Regards, Warren
  • ARTT ADEA-I DSD DAC with ES9018 & Amanero USB Interface

    18 Sep 2014 | 8:20 am
    Hi, ADEA-I DAC focuses on playback of DSD and Hi-Res music. A gold partner of Sabre ES9018 and Amanero module. Key Features Amanero Hi-End asynchronous USB interface embedded.DXD 384k/32bit supported, and DSD up to 512X/1bit.Support DSD Native and DoP dual mode.Based on ES9018 ESS Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC chip.Quad balanced configuration with 8-mono stacked to stereo layout.Multi-Stage power supply system with two toroidal transformers.COAX/AES/OPT SPDIF inputs, all support PCM 44.1~192k(24bit).Balanced and unbalanced outputs. More details Thanks.
  • New Version, Apple Remote App ???

    18 Sep 2014 | 3:52 am
    With the launch of iOS 8, there's a new version of the Remote app, going from 4.2 to 4.2.1. Many of us use this app, so my question for now: If you're still running iOS 7, as probably many of us are, but you updated the Remote app to 4.2.1, is everything still working at the same level of okay as before? Dave
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    Meyer Sound Stories

  • Q&A with Journey FOH Engineer: Studio Sound on a Grand Scale  What It Takes to Translate Studio Rehearsals into Live Shows

    18 Sep 2014 | 9:17 am
    Before embarking on a 40-city summer tour co-headlining with the Steve Miller Band, Journey spent nearly a month in intensive rehearsals at Fantasy Recording Studios in Berkeley. While honing his mix in a world-class studio was a pleasure for Journey FOH engineer Jim Yakabuski, the experience presented an implicit challenge. How do you take what you hear in a controlled studio and recreate the mix in a high-energy live concert environment, and deliver a consistent listening experience show after show despite the nightly variables? In this Q&A, Yakabuski reviews the tools and techniques he…
  • Meyer Sound LEO Family Powers Twin Stages at Osheaga and Heavy Montreal

    17 Sep 2014 | 10:38 am
    This summer, music fans took over Montreal for two of Canada's largest music festivals: Osheaga and Heavy Montreal. With Meyer Sound LEO Family loudspeaker systems on two side-by-side stages reinforcing headliners from Outkast and Lorde to Metallica, the exceptional crowd energy once again proved that Montreal was the place to be for summer festivals.
  • Journey's FOH Engineer as Guest Speaker in Upcoming Meyer Sound Online Mixing Workshop

    17 Sep 2014 | 10:36 am
    On October 1 and 2, 2014, veteran FOH engineer Jim Yakabuski will join Meyer Sound instructor Buford Jones as a special guest in the newest sessions of the company's Mixing Workshop webinar series.
  • Recipe for Success at City Winery Napa: Gourmet Food, Wine, and Meyer Sound

    15 Sep 2014 | 12:47 pm
    Following the successes at its Meyer Sound-equipped New York flagship and Chicago locations, City Winery recently selected a MINA line array loudspeaker system to help bring a quality live experience to its food- and wine-loving clientele in Napa.
  • Meyer Sound LEO Brings the Quality of a Studio Recording to Germany's Largest EDM Festival

    12 Sep 2014 | 1:08 pm
    Nature One Festival, Germany's largest electronic dance music (EDM) event celebrated its 20th year this summer on the site of a former U.S. missile base near Kastellaun. To support DJs such as Danny Ávila, Markus Schulz, Paul van Dyk, ATB, Axwell, and Moguai, a four-point Meyer Sound LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system filled the dance floor with visceral impact combined with the definition of a music recording.
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    Adobe Audition

  • What’s new in Audition CC 2014.1? HiDPI, iXML, and exciting improvements!

    7 Sep 2014 | 8:45 pm
    I’m excited to reveal this sneak peek at what’s coming in the next update for Adobe Audition CC 2014. The first thing you’ll notice is a dramatic new interface update, with support for high pixel density (HiDPI) displays.  A new UI modernizes the look and feel of all Adobe digital video and audio applications, sporting flat icons, cleaner panels, and high-visibility highlights for better component and panel focus.  HiDPI support means those of you with retina or high-resolution displays will see sharper, defined icons and components, reducing eye fatigue and enabling…
  • Audition CC 2014.0.1 Patch released

    4 Aug 2014 | 8:50 am
    Next time you open Creative Cloud, you’ll see an update for Audition CC 2014 available! Unfortunately, there are no new features tucked away in here, but there are some important bug fixes our team identified after the release in June that we wanted to get out ASAP. Most important, there are improvements to Crash Recovery which ensure your content is safe and secure in the event of a crash. We also fixed a long-standing, tricky little bug that prevented some OS X users from launching in the event of some corrupted or unexpected system fonts. Please update when you have the chance, and…
  • New Add-ons marketplace for Audition

    7 Jul 2014 | 9:00 am
    I wanted to share a new service available with the 2014 release of Audition CC, a third-party add-ons marketplace.  This online store offers third-party content, training, and services that support Adobe applications, and enables our users to market their own add-on content as well.  Currently, this includes Learn Adobe Audition CC, a video training course by Larry Jordan, and several amazing sound effects bundles produced by Precisionsound, with more free and paid content on the way! You can visit Adobe Exchange by clicking this link, or by choosing Help > Browse Add-Ons… in the…
  • 2014 release of Adobe Audition CC now available

    Eric Philpott
    18 Jun 2014 | 12:16 pm
    We’re delighted to announce that the 2014 release of Adobe Audition CC is now available. The new version includes features such as native Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus support, new multichannel options, and multitrack usability improvements drawn directly from customer requests. You can read more about the new features in our earlier blog post from NAB 2014. This Audition CC release is part of a much larger Adobe Creative Cloud release, including new 2014 versions of all of the desktop apps, new mobile apps, expanded integration, and more. Read more about the Creative Cloud release…
  • Sneak Peek: Upcoming new features in Adobe Audition CC!

    1 Apr 2014 | 9:03 pm
    The next major update of Adobe Audition CC is almost ready and on its way to a computer near you! I’d like to share what’s new with this release!  Read below, or view the sneak peak video on Adobe TV! One of our primary themes with this release has been improving Multichannel audio workflows and to this extent, we’re excited to unveil native import and export of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio files! No need for expensive plug-ins or additional licensing hoops, these multichannel transfer and delivery formats are as easy as opening an MP3. Dolby Digital (AC-3)…
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    Audio Federation

  • RMAF 2014 October 10th – 12th Denver, Colorado

    12 Sep 2014 | 1:23 pm
    Just a month until RMAF 2014, our local version of a high-end audio show. The Rocky Mountain Audiofest website seems much improved. Looks like no overflow rooms at the neighboring Hyatt this year. Now in its 11th year. Yow. Somebody is getting old and I think it is me. We are not showing this year though we thought seriously about showing the Acapella Atlas speakers. But… considering we do not have a room at the show, I guess we will not. :-/ We are going to do a show report, I think, again this year. But since there are so many Audio Federation-like show reports these days, seems…
  • More online high-end audio blogs and magazines

    12 Sep 2014 | 11:29 am
    Added, to the English-language online high-end audio blogs and magazines page for a total of 70 now. Also added (Russian), HiFi (Spanish), (Polish) to the foreign-language high-end audio blogs and magazines page for a total of 45. OK. A little overwhelming. But pretty cool. A lot of people expressing their opinions and lots of avenues for gear to find a way to get some ‘air time’. We can look at the stats which tell us how many clicks each of the website logos received. Some people click on logos of websites they have…
  • Boulder 1000 year flood – one year anniversery

    11 Sep 2014 | 1:23 pm
    Today, September 11th, is the Boulder 1000 year flood one year anniversary. After looking at the maps of what happened during the flood, it appears that our house was the precise point of maximum rainfall [there was a weather station just down the hill - that got damaged during the flood - so we are pretty confident about this. Yay.]. Very wet summer and wetter September. Tomorrow all this will be ice. Every day, THIS is what we wake up to for much of this week.  And much of the summer. Whenever it starts raining really hard people here kind of look at each other; then look at the ceiling…
  • Moving LPs

    11 Sep 2014 | 11:28 am
    Moving LPs, those fragile and heavy beasts, is always a source of pain and amusement. The featured photo is from Retro Vintage Modern Hi-Fi. Over the years, it seems we end up trying several methods of clunking these heavy things around.   These guys at Van Bonn dispensed with the crates, boxes or string approach and just piled in the albums. Of course, if they accelerate at all while they are driving,  they are going are going to have a surprise when they open the back of the truck when they get to their destination.   This is the way I have usually moved albums when I was…
  • Nordost Valhalla digital RCA interconnect for sale

    10 Sep 2014 | 6:57 pm
    Nordost Valhalla digital interconnect for sale, 1 meter RCA, ex-demo.  [Yes, we have two of these on our specials page] Original MSRP $2000, asking $1000 obo. Upgrade your digital listening experience. Have more questions about this? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503. The post Nordost Valhalla digital RCA interconnect for sale appeared first on Audio Federation.
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  • The Unmitigated Power of A Strong Work Ethic

    Derrick Brilliant
    18 Sep 2014 | 7:21 am
    CRAS will be featuring a Guest Blogger every few weeks.  These guests will be students, graduates, instructors, and staff members.  Each guest will be writing about a specific topic they are interested in sharing.   Our first blog is by … Continue reading →
  • CRAS Launches the New Broadcast Audio Curriculum!

    15 Sep 2014 | 5:00 pm
    Here we are, nearly a year later after we officially announced our venture into the broadcast audio realm! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. Everything has gone by so fast! This has truly been a remarkable journey. Today, … Continue reading →
  • Graduate Spotlight: Miles Deiaco

    9 Sep 2014 | 6:00 pm
    We’ve been corresponding with our graduate Mile Deiaco and wanted to share his success with you. Here’s a bit of his story! After completing classes on campus, Miles headed to San Francisco for his internship.  He interned at Different Fur Studios … Continue reading →
  • How To Be Successful In The Audio Industry – Part 1

    5 Sep 2014 | 5:00 pm
    During the months of September and October, we are going to feature a series of blog posts on “How To Be Successful in the Audio Industry”. We will be sharing traits and qualities from various people in the industry; facilities that work … Continue reading →
  • Took a chance and ended up with a #1 hit single under his belt!

    4 Sep 2014 | 4:30 pm
    Graduate success is always great to write about. It’s exciting to hear first hand of a student’s success! This is why I am so excited to write this post about our graduate, Kevin Anyaeji. He has been working in the … Continue reading →
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  • Comparing Apples To Oranges: Top 5 Best Features from Apple’s New iOS 8

    Jesse James
    18 Sep 2014 | 1:59 pm
    With all the hoopla surrounding the impending release of the iPhone 6, and the recent release of the new iOS 8, many of us are wondering exactly what is new about the new phone short of the design and the bigger size options. Well today we bring you a look at out Top 5 Best […] The post Comparing Apples To Oranges: Top 5 Best Features from Apple’s New iOS 8 appeared first on stupidDOPE.
  • Thursday’s Throwbacks: Top 5 Tracks To Rock From Before 2000 (Vol. 9)

    Jesse James
    18 Sep 2014 | 1:46 pm
    Its Thursday time to blow the dust off something new and take it back to the old school. While you’re gathering up old pictures to share, we’re gathering up old classic to share with our Top 5 Tracks To Rock From Before 2000 series. This time around we’ve got some real dope material that is […] The post Thursday’s Throwbacks: Top 5 Tracks To Rock From Before 2000 (Vol. 9) appeared first on stupidDOPE.
  • The Most Amazing You’ve Ever Had: Bacon, Brie, and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich |

    Jesse James
    18 Sep 2014 | 1:26 pm
    There is nothing better than a simple and incredible grilled cheese, except for maybe a complex and extraordinarily tasting grilled cheese, while is what we have for you to give a try at today. Today we bring you another great reason to experiment in the kitchen with the Bacon, Brie, and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich. […] The post The Most Amazing You’ve Ever Had: Bacon, Brie, and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich | appeared first on stupidDOPE.
  • The Best Part Of Waking Up: The Iced Coffee Rum Kicker

    Jesse James
    18 Sep 2014 | 1:19 pm
    As you probably know, here at stupidDOPE, we like to enjoy a nice cocktail, and we really don’t need a good excuse to do so. Well today we’ve got something that is sure to kick off your morning in all the right ways, if you have nothing planned that requires driving and working that is, […] The post The Best Part Of Waking Up: The Iced Coffee Rum Kicker appeared first on stupidDOPE.
  • Experience Sound & Speed At ‘The Sound of Porsche’ Pop-Up Shop w/ Bose In Manhattan | First Look

    Jesse James
    18 Sep 2014 | 1:13 pm
    When you bring together the incredible minds at Porsche and the genius’ at Bose, you’re bound to be in for something unique and mind blowing. Well thats exactly what is in store when you take in the ‘The Sound of Porsche’, a pop-up store in Manhattan. Not only is this a place to pick up […] The post Experience Sound & Speed At ‘The Sound of Porsche’ Pop-Up Shop w/ Bose In Manhattan | First Look appeared first on stupidDOPE.
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  • Last chance to save big on Car Speaker, Subwoofer and more Car Audio equipment

    17 Sep 2014 | 10:45 am
     Don't hold up on that upgrade any longer! With our rock bottom prices on tons of car audio and video products and accessories,  youll be silly putting off that much needed upgrade on your car's factory car stereo head units and speakers.
  • We now carry CCTV Security Camera's and DVRs!

    15 Sep 2014 | 12:09 pm is proud to announce that we now carry a full line of quality assured CCTV products and Security Surveillance Systems ranging from CCTV Indoor/Outdoor Security  Cameras, Surveillance DVR recorders and Network Video Recorders. Start protecting your home or businesses now!
  • Rock Bottom Prices on Car Speaker and Subwoofers

    12 Sep 2014 | 2:38 pm
    Rock Bottom Prices + Coupon = Massive Discount!   So you can enjoy your weekend shopping, we threw in another 6% OFF on our already unbeatable Rock Bottom Prices. But wait!, we'll ship your order for free if you purchase $99 or more. No other online merchant can beat the prices of our car speaker and subwoofers.  Use coupon code: MASS14
  • Car Audio & Video Parts and Accessories Closeouts

    10 Sep 2014 | 11:44 am
    Grab them before they're gone! Rock bottom prices on car audio products and accessories. We've dropped our prices on hundreds of car stereo head units, car amplifiers and car subwoofers.    
  • Kenwood Excelon DNN991HD - Safely navigate the twist and turns

    8 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    Unveiled in the last CES 2014 expo in Las Vegas Nevada, the Kenwood Excelon DNN991HD car stereo head unit with In-Dash Car Navigation System is already getting the attention it much deserve. With it's built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity , those long road trips would seem shorter as you enjoy your digital content streamed from your iPhone, Androids, tablets and other portable devices right through your receiver.  CHECK IT OUT!   Specifications WMA Playback: Yes Satellite Radio Ready: Yes Remote Control: Yes Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: Yes MP3 playback: Yes Maximum Power: 200…
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  • Marantz HD-DAC1 Headphone Amplifier with DAC-mode

    Brian Mitchell
    18 Sep 2014 | 12:30 pm
    Marantz announced their first headphone amplifier featuring integrated DAC, the retro-styled wooden HD-DAC1 for $799. This ultra-high quality component uses amplification technologies from Marantz’s high-end Premium 11 Series to improve the headphone listening experience, but can also connect to an integrated amplifier, active speakers, or power amps to improve home audio. The HD-DAC1 is so powerful, it can even […]
  • Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone from BlackBerry

    Brian Mitchell
    18 Sep 2014 | 11:57 am
    BlackBerry is trying to stay relevant by offering a luxury smartphone in collaboration from Porsche Design that brings back the QWERTY Keyboard. The Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone integrates premium quality materials such as sapphire glass for the camera lens, forged stainless steel for the Porsche Design floating logo and chassis, and a special glass-weave technology for the […]
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone

    Brian Mitchell
    18 Sep 2014 | 10:48 am
    If the new iPhone 6 Plus is not big enough for you, Samsung will be releasing the even larger 5.7-inch smartphone called Galaxy Note 4 in the U.S. beginning October 17th, with pre-orders September 19th.  The phablet has a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display that tops iPhone, along with 16-megapixel rear-facing camera with an […]
  • Schenker Element 10.1 Review

    18 Sep 2014 | 7:54 am
    You could be forgiven for not having heard of Schenker Technologies, since until now, the company has been better known in its native Germany. But you might have heard of high-end gaming laptops sold in the UK under the name XMG, which is a subdivision of Schenker. The company therefore knows how […]
  • Digital Storm Bolt II Review

    18 Sep 2014 | 7:10 am
    If I had to choose one word to describe the Digital Storm Bolt II, I’d pick "deceptive." I mean that, of course, in the most endearing way possible. While it doesn’t look like it can play some of this year’s games at max settings – and sure doesn’t sound like it either […]
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    Sound & Vision

  • A Hard Day’s Night

    Jon Iverson
    18 Sep 2014 | 10:30 am
    Picture Sound Extras I saw A Hard Day’s Night in a theater in 1964, when it first came out and I was 10 years old. I saw it three times, and it was pure joy. I felt the same sensation watching this fantastic Blu-ray transfer. Was it at least in part nostalgia? Probably, though it’s worth noting that the movie—which came out in August, six months after The Beatles’ appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show—is what won over our parents to the Fab Four: so smart, witty, and talented after all (traits that we kids had long appreciated). And my own kids, born two decades…
  • New Gear

    Jon Iverson
    18 Sep 2014 | 10:30 am
    A new 4K/Ultra HD TV, killer outdoor speakers, Bluetooth speakers from Bose, and more.
  • Roku: 10 Million Players Sold Since 2008

    Barb Gonzalez
    17 Sep 2014 | 11:38 pm
    Roku's success is a tale of how streaming media players have progressed in the past 6 years.
  • MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Headphone

    Jon Iverson
    17 Sep 2014 | 9:39 am
    Performance Features Comfort Value PRICE $599 AT A GLANCE Plus 3D-printed headphone Big, highly dynamic sound Dig those ear pads Minus Lacks mike and phone controls THE VERDICT MrSpeakers dared to go where no headphone manufacturer went before and used 3D printing technology to make a better-sounding headphone. While MrSpeakers’ Alpha Dog may be the first high-end headphone to fully exploit 3D printing technology, the original intention was to speed the development process, and then make injection-molded plastic ear cups. But as MrSpeakers owner Dan Clark revised and refined the design,…
  • Vicoustic Takes the Hocus Pocus Out of Room Treatment

    Jon Iverson
    17 Sep 2014 | 9:36 am
    No matter how much you pore over the layout of your home theater and its dimensions, you’re going to need acoustic treatments if you want to experience your system’s full potential. Chair and speaker placements only do so much to counteract natural obstacles such as standing waves, modal peaks/nulls, and reflections. Even the best audio equipment and speakers can’t fully compensate for them; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Bad room acoustics can make the very best gear sound horrible.
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  • AKG Acoustics P220

    17 Sep 2014 | 11:09 pm
    The P220 appears to be a reissue of the popular Perception 220. Both are fixed Cardioid condensers with solid-state, transformer-coupled circuits, and switchable pad and filter.The Perception 220 / P220 circuit is identical to that of the Neumann U87, albeit implemented primarily via surface-mount components. The specifications for the P220 differ from the older Perception 220 in two respects:The sensitivity of the P220 is slightly higher, 20mV/Pa vs 18mV/Pa.The frequency response of the P220 shows a bump in the lower frequencies, whereas the Perception 220 begins its low-frequency rolloff at…
  • Miktek PM9

    17 Sep 2014 | 10:23 am
    The PM9 is a stage vocal microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern.The moving-coil cartridge is a custom design, according to Miktek, and was developed in parallel with the AMI output transformer to produce the desired voicing.The mic's body is made of die-cast metal. The grille is a multi-layer steel mesh.The PM9 ships with a storage case and a mic clip.Tags:dynamictransformer-coupledend-addresshandheldneodymiumamiThis profile of the Miktek PM9 is part of the microphone database and search engine at All content is ©2014 matthew mcglynn.
  • Senal UB-440

    15 Sep 2014 | 10:25 pm
    The UB-440 is an electret condenser microphone with a fixed Cardioid polar pattern.Two switches on the microphone body independently enable a pad (-10db) and/or a high-pass filter (80Hz rolloff).A slider control on one side of the microphone controls the headphone volume. The 1/8-inch headphone jack allows monitoring of the mic input (zero latency), or an audio signal from the DAW. It is not clear from the manufacturer's website how the mix of direct to DAW signals is controlled.A slider on the other side of the microphone appears to control the mic's sensitivity. The onboard ADC runs at 16…

    15 Sep 2014 | 9:01 am
    The NT-USB is a 16-bit USB condener microphone, released in 2013 as part of Rode's successful NT series of studio microphones. Its circuit is described as a "JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer," which we interpret to mean that this is the same basic circuit as is found in the NT1 -- albeit coupled to an ADC converter.The ADC chip runs at 16 bits, 48 kHz.Despite the use of a 16-bit converter, self-noise on this microphone is very low -- lower than the Studio Projects LSM, in our testing, and nearly as low as several 24- bit microphones tested.The side of the microphone body…
  • SE Electronics X1D

    12 Sep 2014 | 10:43 pm
    The X1D is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone designed specifically for kick drum. The front diaphragm of its capsule is metallized with titanium rather than the more typical gold or gold/aluminum alloy, in order to give the microphone better transient response.This capsule is stiffer than our gold-sputtered capsules, meaning quicker transient response, which is important when recording instruments that create fast transients and attack like drums and percussion...Switches on the microphone body independently enable a -10dB pad and high-pass filter.Although nominally part of the…
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  • Radial Introduces the StageBug SB-48UB Phantom Power Supply

    17 Sep 2014 | 11:12 am
    Radial Engineering in Vancouver, British, Columbia, debuts the StageBug SB-48UB ($150 MSRP), a phantom power supply that enables a guitar, bass or mandolin player to connect a condenser microphone to a Radial PZ-Pre or PZ-Deluxe.
  • Alto Professional Live Series Mixers Now Available

    17 Sep 2014 | 10:53 am
    Alto Professional announces the availability of its Live Series analog mixers: the 8-channel, 2-bus Live 802 ($229); 12-channel, 2-bus Live 1202 ($279); 16-channel, 4-bus Live 1604 ($499); and 24-channel, 4-bus Live 2404 ($599); all prices are street prices. Live Series mixers offer a modern look, low-profile design, low-noise, high-headroom DNA preamps, extensive EQ, built-in compression, Alesis DSP effects, and USB audio/connectivity.
  • Drawmer Introduces the 1973 3-band FET Stereo Compressor

    16 Sep 2014 | 12:20 pm
    The all-analog Drawmer 1973's ($1,825 MSRP) features include three independent compressor sections with two variable-frequency 6dB/octave crossovers to separate them into low, middle, and high frequency compression sections. Each section contains familiar threshold, gain, attack, and release controls, along with gain-reduction metering.
  • Audiofile Releases Loop Editor 2 for Mac

    16 Sep 2014 | 11:51 am
    Audiofile in Minneapolis announces the availability of Loop Editor 2 on the Mac App Store, on sale for a limited time for $29.99 (regular price is $49.99). Loop Editor 2 is intended as a replacement for the now discontinued Apple Loops Utility and offers support for all loop types, beat detection, ACID files, and more.
  • Avid Artist Suite Pro Tools | Duet, Pro Tools | Quartet USB Audio Interfaces

    16 Sep 2014 | 11:26 am
    At IBC in Amsterdam, Holland, Avid and Apogee announced two new Avid Artist Suite products for music recording and stereo audio post: Pro Tools | Duet ($1,099) and Pro Tools | Quartet ($1,899) USB audio interfaces. These solutions feature Avid branded versions of Apogee’s award-winning Duet and Quartet audio interfaces, each paired with Avid’s industry-standard Pro Tools 11 software for Mac and Windows customers.
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    DIY Audio Projects - Hi-Fi Blog for DIY Audiophiles

  • Fostex FE206En Rear-Loaded Horn Speakers

    1 Sep 2014 | 9:14 pm
    Once again Mark tries on the Fostex FE206En high sensitivity fullrange driver, but this time in large rear-loaded horn loudspeaker cabinets. The horn speaker cabinet plans are from the FE206En driver datasheet. Fostex FE206En Rear-Loaded Horn Speaker CabinetEach horn speaker cabinet is made up from thirty-six pieces of 21 mm thick pine plywood.  Australian beeswax is used on the outside of the horn cabinet and heavy cedar oil was applied to the mouth of the horn. The sensitivity of the FE206En driver is greater than 96 dB / 1W / 1m, so the rear-loaded horn speakers are very well suited…
  • Gobo LM1875 Amplifier Kit

    27 Jul 2014 | 9:25 pm
    The sharp looking amplifier below is the Gobo Stereo Audio Amplifier from which is sold as DIY kit.  We have completed a review of the Gobo LM1875 stereo amplifier kit which is available on the main site.  The Gobo kit is a class-AB chip amplifier kit that uses the LM1875 IC. The LM1875 amplifier kit includes all the required parts and enclosure to build a complete stereo amplifier.  Completed Gobo LM1875 Stereo Amplifier KitThe kit comes with a very detailed step-by-step instructions that make it possible for a first time amp builder with only soldering…
  • Elekit TU-8200 Tube Amplifier Kit (SE 6L6)

    22 Apr 2014 | 6:59 pm
    Over the past several years I have been enjoying an Elekit TU-879S Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit paired up along side of Fostex FE206E high sensitivity speaker drivers in Dallas rear-loaded horn enclosures.  I put a number of hours on the Elekit TU-879S, enough to fully consume the stock EH 6L6 tubes and to cycle through a number of power tube sets before deciding on JJ EL34 blue glass tubes.  Throughout this time the Elekit TU-879S amplifier has been reliable and a good performer sonically so it was disappointing to hear that the popular TU-879S tube amp kit had been…
  • 300B Single-Ended-Triode Amplifier

    28 Mar 2014 | 9:38 am
    300B Single-Ended-Triode (SET) Amplifier Project The DIY 300B triode amplifier shown below was completed by Stamou Tasos (Greece).  The 300B triode amplifier was built following the 300B single-ended (SE) tube amplifier schematic by J.C. Morrison.DIY 300B Single-Ended-Triode Hi-Fi AmplifierFor this single-ended (SE) 300B triode amplifier build Stamou has used premium parts, Lundahl audio output transformers and a DIY chassis. The 300B Single-Ended-Triode (SET) amplifier circuit uses a direct coupled 6SN7 driver stage. The output stage is a SE 300B triode and the maximum power output is…
  • 4S Universal Preamplifier for 12A_7 Tubes

    15 Dec 2013 | 9:15 pm
    The 4S Universal preamp is a Super Simple Single Stage (4S) line stage preamp that works well with the entire range of 12A_7 tubes - 12AU7, 12AV7, 12AY7, 12AT7, 12AZ7, and 12AX7. You can change the tube type to vary the gain of the preamplifier by quite a large margin. 4S Universal Preamp for 12A_7 TubesThe preamp uses a 6CA4 tube rectified power supply which is very quiet. The preamplifier is built using point-to-point construction techniques and into a die cast aluminum enclosure from Pomona.  The attenuation control is on the output of the preamp.4S Universal Preamp with 6V6…
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    Enjoy The

  • Reference Recordings Organ Polychrome The French School

    18 Sep 2014 | 4:40 am
    Reference Recordings' new Organ Polychrome The French School features organist Jan Kraybill and the Julia Irene Kauffman Organ. On this recordings they play for us Casavant Freres, Op. 3875.
  • REVIEW... LKV Research Line One Pre And PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Pre

    18 Sep 2014 | 4:40 am
    Enjoy the has posted a World Premiere review of the LKV Research Line One Preamplifier plus PrimaLuna's Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. Senior Editor Dick Olsher says this preamplifier is one of the best things PrimaLuna has ever done.
  • Opera Loudspeakers Callas And Grand Callas Speakers

    17 Sep 2014 | 2:30 am
    Opera Loudspeakers has just introduced their newest version of the Callas monitor and Grand Callas floorstanding speakers. The company's design team decided to update their legendary Callas and Grand Callas speakers year ago, and thus began work in achieving their lofty goals to produce the best speakers they knew how.
  • Enjoy the's Best Of 2014 Blue Note Music Awards

    16 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    Enjoy the posts our annual Best of 2014 Blue Note Music Awards! We choose the very best music reviewed during the past year, with an abundance of great albums for you to choose from!
  • What Is, And Is Not, High-Resolution Audio

    16 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    John Siau of Benchmark Media Systems pens a great new article titled 'What Is, And Is Not, High-Resolution Audio.
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    Steve Hoffman Music Forums

  • Opinions On Guided By Voices

    18 Sep 2014 | 1:54 pm
    I have heard a lot of praise for this band, many reviews saying that they are as good as Pavement. Is this true?
  • B.B. King - Live In Africa DVD: Any fans?

    18 Sep 2014 | 1:54 pm
    This is, hands down, one of my favorite music DVDs. B.B. King is just phenomenal in this one - so much joy, passion, inspiration (not to mention the top-notch musicianship). Your thoughts? Favorite moments?
  • Poll: Should Carpenters be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

    18 Sep 2014 | 1:54 pm
    Excuse me, should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? "Despite contentions that their sound was "too soft" to fall under the definition of rock and roll, major campaigns and petitions exist toward inducting Carpenters in the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." From here.... Poll: Should Carpenters be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
  • Which song do you prefer, Band on the Run or Jet ?

    18 Sep 2014 | 1:54 pm
    for me it's Jet, never get tired of that one.
  • Bono vs. Pono: U2 works with Apple on "New Format"

    18 Sep 2014 | 1:53 pm
    Per Macrumors: Details on the music format [Apple & U2 are developing] or the secret project surrounding it were not revealed, but U2's Bono says it will help musicians sell more of their music. Bono tells TIME he hopes that a new digital music format in the works will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music—whole albums as well as individual tracks. The point...Click to expand... Bono vs. Pono: U2 works with Apple on "New Format"
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    pink fish media - audio

  • Is this a stooppid idea

    Mike g
    18 Sep 2014 | 12:54 pm
    I've recently rejigged my living room and my turntable is now of a hifi racks shelf in the corner of the room near one of my speakers. I know that this is not an ideal place for it however I am balancing up hifi and WAF/domestic needs... So to reduce the negative effects of the rack and TT being in a corner I wondered about putting bass traps next to/perpendicular to each other in the corner so they are to either side of the rack on the walls forming the corner. Is this a stooppid idea?
  • If you use headphones check out this site

    18 Sep 2014 | 12:17 pm Quite impressive through my STAX phones
  • Acer Aspire E3 - fanless Windows 8 netbook £220

    18 Sep 2014 | 9:21 am
    Just saw this Acer Aspire 11.6" notebook. It's fanless, and is a bit over £200. Stick JRiver or iTunes or foobar on it and it should make quite a decent value for money dedicated music machine. Not much more than a Squeezebox Touch was! Anyone any thoughts?
  • I love it so much I want to upgrade it syndrome

    18 Sep 2014 | 8:31 am
    Having loved my Naim Nait 5i now for some time I was looking at the infinite possibilities for an upgrade. A Nait XS might be the way to go. Or so I thought until I read on that site full of Naimies that a threader there prefers the Nait 5si to his XS. So I was wondering if 5i to 5si would be a plausible upgrade?:confused:
  • REVIEW: Epiphany Acoustics 'Atratus III' interconnect

    18 Sep 2014 | 6:12 am
    Review: Epiphany Acoustics ‘Atratus III’ interconnect cable Introduction: It’s over two years (doesn’t time fly) since I wrote about the newly introduced Epiphany Acoustics Atratus interconnect. My findings were that the Atratus was an audio bargain and compared very favourably to cables costing significantly more; as such it took up residence in my system connecting my phonostage to my pre-amp and has remained there ever since. However, the Atratus is no longer the only cable and there have now been two more added to the Epiphany Acoustics interconnect range; the Atratus II and…
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    AVS Forum - 2 Channel Audio

  • ARTT ADEA-I DAC with ES9018 & Amanero Interface

    18 Sep 2014 | 9:14 am
    Hi, ADEA-I DAC focuses on playback of DSD and Hi-Res music. A gold partner of Sabre ES9018 and Amanero module. Key Features - Amanero Hi-End asynchronous USB interface embedded. - DXD 384k/32bit supported, and DSD up to 512X/1bit. - Support DSD Native and DoP dual mode. - Based on ES9018 ESS Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC chip. - Quad balanced configuration with 8-mono stacked to stereo layout. - Multi-Stage power supply system with two toroidal transformers. - COAX/AES/OPT SPDIF inputs, all support PCM 44.1~192k(24bit). - Balanced and unbalanced outputs. Thanks. Simon,
  • sound

    17 Sep 2014 | 6:41 am
    hi i'm having trouble with my stand alone phono preamp it sounds fine for a hour or so then it gets quite and distorted any i dears please :confused:
  • Wadia Series 1 and Series 3 Audio Components at CEDIA 2014

    16 Sep 2014 | 11:54 am
    Wadia is back with a new line of unabashedly digital audio components that sport the company's unmistakable logo. Wadia introduced three Series 3 components at the show: The m330 media server, as well as the a315 and a340 power amplifiers. These full-sized components are rack-friendly and have a slick, minimalist appearance. While I took photos of the gear, the Wadia Series 3 system cranked away, powering a pair of McIntosh XR100 speakers. That particular package produced the kind of sound that is always welcome in my own home; crisp, dynamic, and detailed. Wadia Series 3 components. The m330…
  • Did I select an underpowered amp?

    16 Sep 2014 | 9:25 am
    Hello AVSForum, I just purchased a monoprice 6 zone amp (25W per chanel, 50W per zone, 8 ohm load) for my basement, and some 8 inch monoprice in-ceiling speakers (80W RMS). I hooked everything up on a table to test the amp, and immediately noticed how tin-can/flat the speakers sound. I then hooked up some 8 ohm bookshelf speakers I had that are ported, and was a bit more impressed. My questions are: 1. Is 25W per speaker, powering 80W in-ceiling speakers going to make them sound like crap? 2. Do they just sound tin-can like because they aren't installed yet? 3. Are my expectations just just…
  • Help with friends vintage 2 channel.

    15 Sep 2014 | 1:07 pm
    My friend Randy's a pretty intelligent fellah... or so you'd think him being a Federal Judge n' laywer n' all. But for a smart guy he does some real dumb chit at times. About a month ago Randy calls me over and says he's having trouble with his rig, so... me being the "right guy" that I is I offer to take a looke at it for him. Randy's Rig consists of the following. Vintage Turntable (Some shiney thing, I'll get back to you on that one.) Kyocera Receiver R661 Big Advent 3 Ways Generic CD Changer Upon arrival the first thing I checked out was the speakers. Rotted foam surrounds. Next…
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  • [Admin] Posting problems mini-FAQ

    RAHE Moderator
    15 Sep 2014 | 5:15 pm is a moderated group. As stated in our guidelines, submitted messages that are not acceptable for posting to the group will receive a rejection notice unless it is one of the following: 1. Spam 2. A "for sale" or "wanted to buy" post. 3. Crossposted 4. Uses a spam-proofed or som
  • Re: The IMP Arrives

    Gary Eickmeier
    13 Sep 2014 | 9:14 pm
    "Oregonian Haruspex" wrote in message > What sort of test setup did you use to measure the results of your design? > Do you have a favorite set of test mics?  What sort of measurement > instruments do you use to confirm that your spea
  • Re: The IMP Arrives

    Oregonian Haruspex
    13 Sep 2014 | 10:04 am
    On 2014-08-30 13:19:35 +0000, Gary Eickmeier said: > All right, I am going to attempt to burst the dam of silence on RAHE by > telling about the new speakers that I have designed and had built by the > capable hands of Dan Neubecker in Indiana. He didn't debut it in the > InDIYana event because the
  • [Admin] Rec.Audio.High-End Newsgroup Guidelines

    RAHE Moderator
    12 Sep 2014 | 5:15 pm
    ___________________________________________________ ________|                                                   |________ \       |                Rec.Audio.High-End                 |       / \      |               Newsgroup Guidelines                |      / /      |________________________________
  • Re: The IMP Arrives

    11 Sep 2014 | 7:26 am
    "Gary Eickmeier" wrote in message > "ScottW" wrote in message > >> "Gary Eickmeier" wrote in message >> >>> "
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    Everyday Listening

  • Electrostatic Bell Choir

    31 Aug 2014 | 5:58 am
    Darsha Hewitt is a Canadian artist who makes electromechanical sound installations, drawings, videos, an experimental performances. See her other unique work here (take the brilliant “20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes” for example, which is part experimental music performance, technical challenge, and comedy act!). She has an interest in demystifying the invisible systems embedded throughout domestic technology. This is also visible in the above artwork, Electrostatic Bell Choir (2012).   Static electricity affects everyday materials in curious ways – hair stands on end when…
  • Soundroots

    23 Aug 2014 | 4:27 am
    The Dutch Soundlings collective is a group of international professionals working with sound, which I’m proud to be a part of. During the annual renowned Gaudeamus Muziekweek, known for their contemporary classical programme, Soundlings is organising Soundroots: A poetic theory and trail on hearing the secrets of plants. For Everyday Listening I’m always on the lookout for sound art with a poetic layer that tells a story or makes you wonder. Soundroots does just that. Below is their teaser for an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. It would be wonderful if you could help Soundlings…
  • Maelstrom

    31 Jul 2014 | 8:44 am
    Some art just sticks in your mind. In 2012 I saw Roman Kirschner’s / Els Viaene’s Maelstrom at the DEAF Festival in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and last year I found myself thinking about it a couple of times. Seeing the work; the subtlety of it, and not knowing how it worked left a big impression on me. The work is inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe story “A Descent into the Maelstrom”, in which a man reminisces about surviving a storm, shipwreck and a whirlpool. Over time, memories are transformed and imagination comes into play. Our memories are liquid. In…
  • Cities & Memory

    28 Jul 2014 | 8:05 am
    We’ve seen quite a few projects using geolocation lately, from Sterepublic which “crowdsourced the quiet”, to the URB project in Porto, also collecting sound data from locations. The Cities & Memory project is different in the sense that it wants to record the sounds of the actual space, as well as the poetic, underlying space. Every faithful field recording document here is accompanied by a reworking, a processing or an interpretation that imagines that place and time as somewhere else, somewhere new. The listener can choose to explore locations through their actual…
  • Frequencies (a)

    6 Jul 2014 | 4:59 am
    Nicolas Bernier is a Canadian sound artist who we’ve seen before. His “Frequencies” is an ongoing process focusing on basic sound generation systems. “Frequencies (a)” is a sound performance combining the sound of mechanically triggered tuning forks with pure digital soundwaves. The tuning fork, producing a sound closest to a pure sinewave, provides a historical link between science, tonal instrument works, and electronic music. The performer is triggering sequences from the computer, activating solenoids that hit the tuning forks with high precision. Streams of…
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  • Deezer Elite on Sonos

    Audiophilia Staff
    17 Sep 2014 | 12:09 pm
    Good news in the brave new world of streaming music. ‘Deezer, the premier digital streaming music service, and Sonos®, an innovator in wireless home audio products, announced an exclusive partnership that will bring streaming High-Resolution Audio (HRA) to music lovers around the world. Deezer’s product “Deezer Elite” is the first global HRA streaming service available to consumers and it’s offered exclusively through Sonos, a system of smart speakers that let you stream all your favorite music to any room in your home in high fidelity sound.’ Streaming…
  • Bill Bruford: A Retrospective

    Karl Sigman
    9 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Photo credit Re-listening to the track ‘Roundabout’ from the progressive rock album ‘Fragile’ by Yes (1971) recently, I once again became fascinated by the unusual sound, the precision and odd syncopation of drummer Bill Bruford’s high-pitched snare drum, and reminded myself that Bruford is one of my favorite ‘rock’ drummers; a drummers’ drummer, if I might say? This is the same guy who 32 years later played drums on the exceptional live 2003 acoustic jazz album ‘Random Acts of Happiness’ by ‘Bill Bruford’s Earthworks’, which has been one of my favorite reference…
  • Audiophilia Recommended New Releases — September 2014 Update

    Audiophilia Staff
    4 Sep 2014 | 6:08 am
    Messiaen – Turangalila-Symphonie [75:08] Hewitt / Hartmann-Claverie / Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Lintu Ondine SACD 1251-5 (2014) This huge work was written during the mid-1940s, a difficult period for any French composer but one which had already seen several of Messiaen’s finest works – including Quatuor pour la fin du temps and Vingt regards sur l’enfant-Jésus. Commissioned by the conductor of the Boston SO, who premiered it in 1949 to mixed reactions, its sprawling structure and “surrealist” ethos anchors to the solo piano, but is also notable for featuring the…
  • In the Trenches — Angie’s Audio Corner celebrates 2nd Anniversary. In style.

    Audiophilia Staff
    3 Sep 2014 | 11:18 am
    There are legacy manufacturers in our avocation. Audio Research Corporation and Wilson Audio are the first two that come to my mind. There are legacies in editorial, too. J. Gordon Holt of Stereophile and the founder of ‘high end’, Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound. Legends, both. The hard work of the business, the daily grind, the dealers, they have their giants as well. Toronto’s American Sound of Canada is certainly one of them. Blessed with the best name in the dealer business and run by force-of-nature owner Angie Lisi, ‘American Sound’, as well call it,…
  • Countdown to Denver — Rocky Mountain Audio Fest October 10-12, 2014

    Audiophilia Staff
    1 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    Labour Day is done. That means only weeks ’till the must attend audio show of the year, Denver’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I was under some silly false assumptions about the show before my first attendance a few years ago. Folksy, small, and a few other damning with faint praise terms were the uneducated reasons I had never been. Save the pennies for CES and something sexy in Europe. I was wrong. Denver is a perfect host city. Clean, safe, great food, cheap car rentals, great airport, excellent arts and the wonderful Rocky Mountains on your doorstep. The show itself is the…
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  • Stirling Broadcast SB-88 vs Harbeth Compact C7ES-3 Speakers

    15 Sep 2014 | 2:16 pm
    The Black Keys’ new record Turn Blue reminds me of some of the finest psychedelic tunes from the 1960s. The opening track “Weight of Love” has a very Clapton/Cream vibe. There’s something about British speakers and classic rock; they just feel right. I have used Harbeth’s Compact 7ES-3 and the Monitor 40.1 speakers as references for some time now and a few of their main characteristics seem worth noting: First, the midrange is spectacular; second, these speakers do an excellent job retrieving the timing information from whatever music you happen to be listening to; and third, even…
  • Penaudio Cenya Monitors

    15 Sep 2014 | 1:50 pm
    Cranking Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” to a level way beyond what I’d ever expect from a small pair of monitors causes me to redefine my mental short list for a final hi-fi system. While I routinely audition six-figure speakers (and enjoy every minute of it), the Cenya and its slightly more expensive sibling, the Cenya Signature, deliver so much music that I would happily retire with these Finnish beauties as destination speakers. The Cenyas do everything but deliver the last octave of deep bass, and at $4,000 a pair, they leave you enough scratch to add your favorite subwoofer,…
  • Burmester B10 Speakers

    15 Sep 2014 | 1:34 pm
    If you’ve ever had the opportunity to audition Burmester loudspeakers, you know they mate perfectly with the company’s electronics and that, together, they put forward a very dynamic, powerful presentation. And, as founder Dieter Burmester is a bass player in his spare time, his speakers are never lacking in low-frequency authority. In a fairly good-sized room, pairing the hefty Burmester 911 amplifier (or the larger 909) with Burmester speakers makes for highly engaging listening. But for those of us wanting the Burmester experience in a smaller room, the B10s—which are only about 15…
  • Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

    7 Sep 2014 | 11:06 am
    Colors, like fashions, change in such a fluid manner that at times you don’t even realize that they’ve happened.  Pretty soon everyone is wearing skinny jeans and you’re caught without.  The same could be said with the color orange.  It snuck in a few years ago on a few Lamborghinis and now it’s everywhere.  Even yours truly has a bright orange (make that Valencia) BMW and the color has really caught on – it’s a happy color. Perhaps nothing is more happy than a 550 horsepower Jaguar F-TYPE coupe (or coup-eh, as the Brits like to call it) in Firesand Metallic.  While it is…
  • MartinLogan Crescendo

    7 Sep 2014 | 10:24 am
    In the years since Bowers & Wilkins introduced the Zeppelin (now the Zeppelin Air), there have been many imitators, but no one has really come close to the combination of form and function that this innovative British company started.  Until now. I got my first glimpse of the Crescendo at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in the MartinLogan room – I thought it was a static display and I was listening to a pair of class-leading ElectroMotion speakers.  When informed that I was listening to the Crescendo, it was a revelation.  Hard to believe a desktop player could not only sound…
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    AV Shout

  • Sun Sets on REDBAND

    Chris Neto
    29 Aug 2014 | 8:05 am
    “The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld “The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld Three years ago REDBAND was formed as a home for the unique voices in the AV industry to publish work and ideas that might not have been accepted by traditional media and publications.  REDBAND became the platform to push the envelope past the comfort zone of those publications and to challenge the status quo in every possible way. To date, the group has been successful in doing just that.  How can we tell? We saw the changes…
  • An Open Letter of Thanks

    Chris Neto
    22 Aug 2014 | 8:09 am
    Earlier this week I received word that I had been nominated by my industry peers and selected by Commercial Integrator as part of the Top 40 CI Influencers Under 40. I am both humbled and grateful to receive this honor. As part of my online network of Friends, Family, Co-workers and Industry professionals I would like to express my sincerest thanks for helping me achieve this honor. Without you’re help this would have not been possible. Thank you again for being part of my journey and I look forward to what the future holds. Sincerely, Chris Here is a link to the Commercial Integrator…
  • REDBAND Radio: Drunk Unkles and the NSCA Education Foundation Live from Infocomm 2014

    Chris Neto
    23 Jun 2014 | 10:24 am
    This Episode REDBAND Radio talks with Chuck Wilson of NSCA and Steve Emspak about the Drunk Unkles benefit concert for the NSCA Education Foundation and the history of the Drunk Unkles. Host: Chris Neto, AVShout & REDBAND Founder Panelists: Chuck Wilson of NSCA and Steve Emspak of the Drunk Unkles Record Date: 06/17/2014 Running time: 17:59 Click the Link Below (audio only): Click Here for more info on the NSCA Education Foundation: 0 comment(s)
  • REDBAND Radio: Net Neutrality – Live From Infocomm 14

    Chris Neto
    23 Jun 2014 | 8:18 am
    REDBAND Blogger Josh Srago of and ICS Integrated Communication Systems, sits down with Robb Woods of Blue Jeans, Simon Dudley of Lifesize, and Bob Romano of Avaya to discuss what exactly the debate over Net Neutrality is and how the proposed FCC rules could impact the AV industry, business communications, personal internet habits, and how you can voice your opinion to the FCC.” Recorded:  June 18th, 2014 Host: Josh Srago – RedBand Radio 0 comment(s)
  • The #AVselfie Music Video debuted at Infocomm 2014

    Chris Neto
    23 Jun 2014 | 7:53 am
    Thanks to everyone for participating! And a Special thanks to Phillip Cordell for turning it into a song. Chris 3 comment(s)
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    Platinum Audiolab - Blog

  • Tutorial: Animoog & Creating Wobble Bass

    17 Sep 2014 | 2:06 pm
    Remember way back when wobble bass was all the rage? It was a heady time. Kids were getting started in synthesis with their very first iOS synth apps, Skrillex was a darling of all the awards shows, EDM was being heralded as the 2nd coming of Electronica, nothing like the late 90′s bubble-burst known as “Electronica.” Ah yes, I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was… yesterday, actually. Well, anyways, people still kind of like their wobble bass and iOS apps so why not give them a dose of neo-retro with a Animoog tutorial, mixed with a bit of wobbly-bassyness…
  • Tutorial: Mixing With Separation EQ & Compression

    3 Jul 2014 | 4:55 pm
    In this tutorial we will look at blending all of the elements that make up a track by using some basic EQ separation between individual tracks in a mix. We also touch upon using sidechained multiband compression to further distinguish parts in the mix which may otherwise conflict with eachother. In particular, we look closely at separating the Kick Drum from the Bass Instrument so that each can stand out and be clearly defined in the mix.
  • Tutorial: Compression Settings Explained

    29 May 2014 | 6:22 pm
    In this tutorial we look at the basics of compression, and how to effectively use the different compressor settings common to all compressors. Attack, Release, Ratio, and Threshold are explained and our example shows how to properly listen for the changes produced from these settings, focusing on the importance of Attack and Release settings in particular.
  • Review: Cubasis DAW on iPad & Midi Routing Tutorial

    11 May 2014 | 2:55 pm
    In this video we take a look at midi routing between Cubasis and outside apps, as well as a basic review of the different features available in Cubasis. If you are interested in importing Cubasis sessions into Cubase 6 or Cubase 7, you will need the Cubasis importer extension. You can download it from our mirror under Software & Utilities, or go to Steinberg’s official Cubasis Session Importer page.
  • Quick Look: Sends With Benefits

    9 May 2014 | 1:05 pm
    In this Quick Look Tutorial we take a brief look at the advantages of using send / return FX channels vs simply using insert effects. This specific tutorial applies reverb as a send effect and we look at the processing paths that open up when isolating the wet track, such as allowing you to equalize, compress and gate the 100% wet send effect alone.
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    Head Yo

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

    26 Aug 2014 | 1:57 am
    Most of the people easily find headphones for themselves but when it comes to choosing a pair for their kids, they don’t know about the options available in the market or how to choose them? I’ve been contacted by many parents for the same and as a result, I’ve created a detailed guide on the safest and ...The post Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids appeared first on Head Yo.
  • PSB M4U 2 Headphones Review

    25 Aug 2014 | 12:55 am
    PSB is synonymous with serious high definition technology in the world of music. Detail and dynamic expressions come together in each of their products to bring the listener a world of deep and intricate music, with each note and tone getting the attention they deserve. Keeping in line with its tradition, PSB brings the PSB ...The post PSB M4U 2 Headphones Review appeared first on Head Yo.
  • Meet the Most Stunning Portable Headphone Amp with DAC

    30 Jul 2014 | 5:18 am
    I consider myself a quintessential music dilettante rather than an audiophile and my music-verse revolves around experiencing new headphones and writing reviews on them. It was my first encounter with any amplifier (it felt like I’ve been living in Stone Age). I met an old friend and told about my website and he showed me ...The post Meet the Most Stunning Portable Headphone Amp with DAC appeared first on Head Yo.
  • Geek Wave: The Most Promising Portable Music Player

    22 Jul 2014 | 12:33 pm
    Imagine the world without the iPods. You will probably be thinking that I’ve gone nuts. But there will be a far more promising and superior portable sound system on our way. Light Harmonic Labs introduced Geek Wave, a next generation portable music player which promises the highest resolution of the audio available. With the configuration ...The post Geek Wave: The Most Promising Portable Music Player appeared first on Head Yo.
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones Review

    18 Jun 2014 | 2:14 am
    Audio-Technica is a company renowned for its excellent design and fundamentals when manufacturing studio monitors. They do not add on any frills with their products, and one would seldom find in-line controls, mic and other things in their cords. What they do well is make one of the best over ear headphones in the world. ...The post Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones Review appeared first on Head Yo.
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    Dark Horse Institute

  • Win $15,000 in Studio Time

    Scott Karan
    17 Sep 2014 | 9:01 am
    DHI’s Battle of the Bands will pit 64 bands in a head to head, bracket style competition that lets the fans decide the winner. The top 64 bands will be separated into 4 divisional brackets. Each band will face 1 … The post Win $15,000 in Studio Time appeared first on Dark Horse Institute.
  • What Can You Learn About Audio Engineering In 14 Weeks

    21 Aug 2014 | 2:00 pm
    That’s right, you can’t.  Have I gone crazy?  Isn’t our program 14 weeks? No I haven’t gone crazy and yes, we do have a 14 week program.  But what most people say when we say you can learn audio engineering … The post What Can You Learn About Audio Engineering In 14 Weeks appeared first on Dark Horse Institute.
  • Leaked Britney Spears Track is Real…Probably

    10 Jul 2014 | 8:13 am
    Was the leaked Britney Spears track before Autotune Real? Yesterday the social media and interwebs blew up with the “leaked Britney Spears track before Autotune”.  The track disappeared from existence after about an hour.  But it’s still floating around. Britney … The post Leaked Britney Spears Track is Real…Probably appeared first on Dark Horse Institute.
  • Historic Ryman Auditorium Making Big Changes

    Scott Karan
    26 Jun 2014 | 1:31 pm
    Nashville, TN- In a Press Conference this morning changes to the Historic Ryman Auditorium were announced that will make the Mother Church of Country Music more accessible to tourists and visitors.  Don’t worry though the highly touted auditorium itself … The post Historic Ryman Auditorium Making Big Changes appeared first on Dark Horse Institute.
  • Ben Folds Pleas to Preserve Historic RCA Studios

    Scott Karan
    25 Jun 2014 | 8:13 am
      Yesterday Composer/performer/good guy extraordinaire, Ben Folds, released a statement concerning the future of the Historic RCA Studio A and it’s eminent sale.  This comes to a shock not only to Ben but musicians, producers and engineers around the … The post Ben Folds Pleas to Preserve Historic RCA Studios appeared first on Dark Horse Institute.
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    Alchemea - Music Production & Sound Engineering Blog

  • Alchemea Sessions 07 – Hattie Whitehead – Worse Than Me

    Peter Barter
    8 Sep 2014 | 3:14 am
    Hattie Whitehead – Worse Than Me (Live) – Alchemea Sessions Hattie Whitehead was born and raised in South West London constantly surrounded by music and words. She has been singing since she can remember, taping her first album at the tender age of 3, with
  • The Joy Of SYSEX

    Christian Huant
    31 Aug 2014 | 9:29 am
    SYSEX is one of the 8 types of MIDI messages (see my previous blog on MIDI for a bit of background), and is short for System Exclusive. This means that, instead of focusing on musical performance-related information, SYSEX transmits system messages, used for configuration purposes, for
  • Student Success – Rob Brinkmann

    Peter Barter
    29 Aug 2014 | 3:57 am
    At Alchemea, our goal is to prepare students for a career in the professional audio industry. We don’t sugar coat how tough it is or how much work is required to succeed meaning our students will generally leave the college with the right attitude. Take
  • Alchemea among the sponsors of 2015 MPG Awards

    Peter Barter
    26 Aug 2014 | 5:47 am
    Alchemea are pleased to announce we will be sponsoring the “Breakthrough Engineer” category at the 2015 Music Producers Guild Awards. Alchemea are committed to supporting the industry and particularly the efforts of producers, engineers and studio staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create
  • Alchemea Sessions 06 – Sabatta – Always You

    Peter Barter
    26 Aug 2014 | 3:27 am
    Sabatta – Always You (Live) – Alchemea Sessions Sabatta return for their second Alchemea session with this quality track – you can check out their first session here and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more exciting sessions. Sabatta is Yinka Oyewole (vocals,
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    Beats Music Now

  • Beats Music Updates Apps – Includes Apple TV

    17 Sep 2014 | 8:52 pm
    Beats Music apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone all have updates today. Since Apple TV is considered an iOS device, it’s update includes the addition of a Beats Music app. Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora don’t have native Apple TV apps yet, so the competition won’t be as fierce for the streaming music mindshare on the Apple TV platform. New version #’s: iOS ver. 2.3.0 — requires iOS 7.0 or later. Android ver. 1.2.2 — requires Android 4.0 and up. Windows Phone ver. — works with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. What’s new for the iOS version?
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks With Charlie Rose

    16 Sep 2014 | 7:11 pm
    ‘Strategic conversation’ might be how I would describe Tim Cook speaking with Charlie Rose. The Apple CEO states only what he wants you to know, nothing more. He does not over-share. He also, quite effectively, makes a story out of most points. Cook talks a lot about the Apple process, the continued influence of Steve Jobs, and just-a-bit about Beats Music. He describes how he came to the decision to acquire Beats earlier this year. Cook says, while exploring the different streaming music services, It dawns on me that when I listen to theirs [Beats Music] for a while I feel,…
  • Friday Quirky Playlist – #MFM

    12 Sep 2014 | 4:48 pm
    ‘Blissful Frequencies’ is todays quirky playlist from Beats Music. It comes from the Beats New Age genre. Not the most popular genre on Beats, but available nonetheless. This may be the quirkiest of the quirky playlists I’ve found on Beats Music. As described by the Beats curator, “…tracks of blissful frequencies made with crystal bowls and voices.”  #MFM – Made For Meditating! Listen to the Friday quirky playlist ‘Blissful Frequencies‘   Every Friday I’ll seek out a quirky playlist – something that intrigues or dumbfounds; a playlist that is…
  • New Music Era Begins via Apple?

    10 Sep 2014 | 8:11 pm
    A somewhat mysterious tweet from Beats Music stating “so a new music era begins.” And so a new music era begins. Jimmy, Dre and friends getting ready for #AppleLive yesterday. — Beats Music (@beatsmusic) September 10, 2014 Although music was a big feature (U2 announcement etc.) at the Apple Live event yesterday, Beats Music and Beats headphones were basically not mentioned. Some speculate that Apple will have a music specific announcement soon – dealing with iTunes, iTunes Radio, Beats Music and perhaps special features within the Apple Watch…
  • U2 Releases Album Free on iTunes, Exclusive For Beats Music

    9 Sep 2014 | 9:54 pm
    U2 at Apple on Sept. 9, 2014 via CNET Apple announced that U2’s new album “Songs Of Innocence” is available for a free download on iTunes and streaming on Beats Music until October 13. Considering iTunes could potentially reach 500 million people, Apple CEO Tim Cook said “it’s the largest album release of all time.” This is the latest exclusive release on Beats Music. Listen on Beats Music here. Get “Songs Of Innocence” on iTunes here.
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  • 3D Lighting Visualization Software

    Dennis Santos
    27 Aug 2014 | 1:45 pm
    In this post we will be going over the current application of 3D simulations in light designing environments. There may have been times where you would like to visualize your lighting environment before attempting to realize it. There are many applications that can do this in two dimensional or three dimensional figures. Two dimensional simulations […] The post 3D Lighting Visualization Software appeared first on .
  • Determining What Makes An LED Strip High Quality

    Dennis Santos
    26 Jun 2014 | 3:17 pm
    It seems like you can find and buy LED strips almost everywhere these days, they’re on Amazon, eBay, and even Craigs list.  The prices are all over the place and the cost alone may not be a good indicator of the quality of the product. The Truth About “High Quality” LED Strips Not all LED […] The post Determining What Makes An LED Strip High Quality appeared first on .
  • How To Re-Seal Your Waterproof LED Strip

    Dennis Santos
    19 Jun 2014 | 1:19 pm
    Today we’re going to talk about how to re-seal your waterproof LED strips. There are many lighting applications for LED strips, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor uses range from patio mood lighting for homes, resorts, and country clubs to concert lighting or adding a colorful flare to a theme park. If you’re installing LED lighting […] The post How To Re-Seal Your Waterproof LED Strip appeared first on .
  • iPad For DMX & ArtNet Control How To

    Dennis Santos
    17 Jun 2014 | 1:44 pm
    The innovative breakthroughs in wireless technology have had a huge impact on the lighting industry, and in a good way. Some of the new technologies support the DMX and Art-Net protocol, and there are now some great ways to use Apple’s iPhone and iPad to control your lighting application with ease. One of our favorite […] The post iPad For DMX & ArtNet Control How To appeared first on .
  • Comparing Titans: anyDMX Wireless DMX Tranceiver vs Wireless DMX Pro

    Dennis Santos
    5 Jun 2014 | 3:30 pm
    These days almost everyone is connected to the internet 24/7. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, an airport, or a shopping mall, you’ll notice that almost everyone is on a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. They might be researching their next getaway, updating their friends on Facebook or shopping. Whatever they’re doing there’s one thing […] The post Comparing Titans: anyDMX Wireless DMX Tranceiver vs Wireless DMX Pro appeared first on .
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    Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News

  • iOS 8 Upgrade Smart Choice for current iPhone Users!

    17 Sep 2014 | 5:42 pm
    iOS 8 Upgrade will save Apple Customers Money! Tweet iOS 8 upgrade will be the smarter choice and cheaper option for iPhone users on a budget. Are you comfortable with your current iphone size? If your answer is yes, this solution will most likely be the choice for you. Of course … Continue reading The post iOS 8 Upgrade Smart Choice for current iPhone Users! appeared first on Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News.
  • Meet Facebook’s New Audio Production Team!

    16 Sep 2014 | 8:34 am
    Facebook’s New Audio Production Team Wavegroup is Sounding like Success! Tweet Facebook’s New Audio Production team WaveGroup Sound, is an audio production company located on the west coast in Burlingame, California. WaveGroup Sound specializes in sound design for video games. They’ve produced tracks for the Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. WaveGroup … Continue reading The post Meet Facebook’s New Audio Production Team! appeared first on Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News.
  • August Alsina Passes Out at Concert & Fall Off Stage

    15 Sep 2014 | 10:48 pm
    August Alsina passes out on stage at concert. Tweet August Alsina passes out on stage while performing some of his hit songs. You can see Alsina singing on stage next to the stage monitor before he faints. The event he was performing at was the Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan. According … Continue reading The post August Alsina Passes Out at Concert & Fall Off Stage appeared first on Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News.
  • Urban Outfitters Kent State Shooting Mocked with Bloody sweatshirt!

    15 Sep 2014 | 3:51 pm
    Urban Outfitters Kent State “Vintage Sweatshirt” Making Headlines! Tweet Urban Outfitters Kent State “Vintage Sweatshirt” is making a lot of noise in social media news. The sweatshirt looks like someone who just witnessed a massacre would wear, it’s mostly due to the red splatter. The shirt also has random holes, … Continue reading The post Urban Outfitters Kent State Shooting Mocked with Bloody sweatshirt! appeared first on Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News.
  • Jay-Z Fires back on Blackmailing Sound Engineer with Legal Bullets!

    15 Sep 2014 | 1:56 pm
    Lawsuit over Sound Engineer’s Rights Should Be Dismissed! Tweet Sound Engineer Chauncey Mahan lawsuit against rapper Jay-z  may have hit a legal snag. Jay-z had his legal team fire back against the lawsuit in court earlier this month. Lawyers from Jay’s legal team asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed based on … Continue reading The post Jay-Z Fires back on Blackmailing Sound Engineer with Legal Bullets! appeared first on Sound Engineers that Blog About Audio Production & Entertainment News.
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